Sunday, November 1, 2009

That's need-to-know information, and yes YOU NEED TO KNOW.........

Ok so I have to share a little pet peeve, this weekend I worked the floor as a CNA two nights in a row.  I don't mind to do this when needed and sometimes it is a welcome break.  (The first night it got me out of doing meds on the whole dang floor so that was a positive. Med nurse is a scary practice to me, but that is a post for another day.)  So I took over for a CNA who was then transferred to another floor per our wise and all-knowing house supervisor.  I went to her knowing that I would get a rush type report and would clarify anything with my RN's later.  However, this girl knew NOTHING about these patients. We have a very detailed report sheet that is used by most of our staff.  Lots of information and I will agree that some information is needed for nurses only.  When I work as an aid I don't need to know the complete history, only relevant info. She had a sheet filled out for each patient and some only had their name.  Other had their names and maybe a few details (diet, freq of vitals, activity), relavent details for sure.  But NO DIAGNOSIS!!! It kinda scares me to walk into a room and not know why that patient is here.  To me this is just something you should know when taking care of a patient. 

Rant over thanks for tolerating me.


  1. i completely agree! it's bad when you get report from a fellow cna who has had the patient for 8-12 hours and they can't tell you a diagnosis.(especially on surgical pts)

  2. I work as a cna. At my hospital, I have some nurses that think that I should not know the Dx, they say it is not relavent to the Pt care. I have never gotten a Dx in a report from another aide; I fear that they just don't care. After four years under grad, and then changing fields (starting nursing school in the spring) this lack of care makes me ill. I know they could do so much better, and the patients would do better for it.