Wednesday, November 11, 2009


A wonderful friend of mine left a very thought provoking thought on Facebook a few days ago.  I won't put the full quote but basically she was asking if all friendships are meant to be salvaged or if some people are supposed to drift out of our lives. Here was my response.  Take it for what you will.

Sometimes we learn what we were supposed to from them. Sometimes they learn what they need to from us. Sometimes one friend or the other gets "fixed." We always remember them and they continue to be part of us. Part of our memories, part of what makes us who we are. We may not be around them (and it may be the way it is supposed to be) but they will still influence our actions in ways we may not even realize.

We can love the memories and the good times. We can forget and maybe even forgive the bad times. And no matter what they will have helped to shape us into who we are.

So, no some friendships are not meant to be saved, but all have some part that is meant to be savored.

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  1. i completely agree. i believe God places people in our lives for a purpose. whether we learn from the experience is our own responsibility. they may only be there for a season but what we take from that is up to us to use. i believe that people are taken from us for the same purpose. when their purpose is served then their season is over.