Saturday, October 31, 2009

brings a whole other dimension to the term "making holy water"......

Happy Halloween!!
Here's hoping you have lots of treats and very little tricks!!

So last night wasn't even a full moon and the madness was obvious. One gentlman cracked me up though. He was quite confused and stood several heads above most of the staff. It was a treat to redirect him back to his room all night long (well half the night, his wife did eventually join us in the fun). I was assigned to the opposite unit but helped out a few times to corral him.

On one such occasion, a fellow nurse had given him his Bible to hold thinking this would calm him. It kinda worked and we were able to direct him back to his room. Before he laid down however he had to pee. We pointed him to the bathroom at which time the nurse attempted to retrieve aforementioned Bible. "Here, let me hold the Bible for you," she stated as she reached for it. He snatched it out of her reach and calmly voiced his opinion--"Oh, I don't think the Bible would hurt that bathroom any."

Several of us were trying to hold back the snickering, while the nurse cautioned him--"Don't let the Bible fall into the toilet!" This of course made it harder to not laugh.

I'm still laughing about it. But I am also glad the night is done. However, I must return this evening for another round. As for my costume, I think I will go as a nurse ;)

Be safe and have a Fun Time!!!!!

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