Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's always funnier at oh-dark-thirty anyway........

Ok, this may end up being one of those things that is funnier at 0530 than it really is but I had to post this conversation anyway.

I went to visit a unit that I often get floated to but had been missing lately. I was chatting with one of those nurses about school, clinic, and stupid people (yes all in the very same conversation even) while another nurse was attempting to print something. She had tried at least twice to print her document. When we asked what she was trying to print, without missing a beat she stated--

"I am trying to print a nicotine patch for this new lady."

Misty looked at me and I looked at her. I whispered "I think she means the education for a nicotine patch."

We then began to giggle. And if you have ever had the giggles near the end of a 12 hour shift, you know they may never stop. We clarified and she indeed had meant the education. As we explained the giggle fit we also explained that we probably have that info printed already. A search began for the pt ed drawer (this unit was just remodeled and we had just moved into our brand new nurses station within the last week). This was located and sure enough there were several smoking cessation packets located inside. Our lovely nurse then stated without hesitation

"Oh yeah, these should all have a nicotine patch in them. Right?"

And there went the giggles again.

Maybe you had to be there but at the time we were crying from laughing so hard.

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