Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So excited for a few things that are coming to pass in the next few week. Just thought I would let everyone know (whether you really care or not).

1.) Thanksgiving break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For several reasons I am very excited about this week. One is that I really love this holiday and what it stands for. It is about being thankful for what we have. I will leave that topic there cause I am sure I will expound upon it a little closer to it. Another reason I am looking forward to this particular week is that I will be off school that whole week!!!! I will be able to do what I want for a day or so. (And getting caught up on schoolwork is only a SMALL portion of that plan.) It will also mean that I have taken the neuro final and will have that off my back.

2.) This kinda falls into the above paragraph but I am giving it it's own place cause I can. I bought (several weeks ago) Dan Brown's new book. I will read it over Thanksgiving break. This has been my plan for a couple months. You see I LOVE to read. I will often have two or three books going at once. However, since I have started school, I know that if I were to pick up a novel right now it would be all over. You see, reading is stress relief. When I pick up a book, I often use it as a shield to hide from whatever stressor is presenting itself to me. Therefore, if I picked up a book, I wouldn't put it down. But the week of Thanksgiving, I will start and finish the book. And hopefully will be refreshed.

3.) Nov 17 (the week before thanksiving break) I will be going to the movies!!! The Wizard of Oz is showing at the theater to celebrate it's 70th anniversary.
This is probably my all time favorite film. I already have tickets and we are making a girls night out of it. I can't wait. They have also released the anniversary DVD for this film. I have told my family (and if any of you are reading this, I am telling you again. Those that are reading this that know my family please mention this post just to reiterate thank you) that I want this for Christmas. Every year I am asked what I want for Christmas. I never know. I am not really that picky. This year I have stated that I expect this gift. I don't need anything else, they can combine and work together, but I want it somehow, someway!!!!!

4.) Thurs Nov 19 I am going to the movies (yes again). New Moon is being released. This is the second installment of the Twilight movie series. I have a fondness for Edward and really identified with Bella in this book, so I am REALLY excited about it.

Just a few things that are coming up in my small corner of the world that will put a smile on my face!


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