Friday, April 30, 2010

Note to self:

When watching a scary movie DO NOT leave the fan on in the bedroom and the door ajar. The air from the fan can push the door a little causing the hinges to squeak. Effectively scaring the Crap out of you almost as much as the movie itself.

Speaking of movies, I watched A Haughting in Connecticut last night. By myself. Not my preferred way to view a scary film but I did it anyway. It was allright. And I admit there were a few places where I viewed the scene through the fingers covering my eyes.

But I ask you, was the creepy music really required? I know when to be scared. I know without you banging on a piano that seeing some dead person in the mirror only is a cue for the adrenaline to start. I know without the otherwordly  screams (the ones not from the actor himself) that when the hero presses his face against a glass window and suddenly sees a demon that I should jump from the unexpectedness of it.

I made it through though and watched The Blind Side after to help me forget the creepy feeling. I certainly recommend this one.

Monday, April 26, 2010

check this out.....

I found this article which is pretty interesting.  Good tips every one of them.  So go have a look and try to visualize yourself using these tips in your current practice.  Happy reading.   ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


at Bob Evans after work always makes the night seem funnier, the patients more dramatic, the near homicidal thoughts more normal. I hope those at neighboring tables weren't paying attention or at the least couldn't see our name tags. No HIPPA rules were violated but it seems to make people nervous to know that nurses are only human and get frustrated with their patients, coworkers, and the system in general.

But whatever the ripple effect occurs, those breakfast "debriefings" are more important than some might imagine.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not always........

but sometimes we get to stop for a few minutes and do the little things that matter. 

We have a few of those frequent flyers.  You know the ones.  You see the name on the census board and immedietly know all about them.  You hardly need to take report.  Everyone knows his name.  Everyone knows her nickname.  During report you tell the off going his medical history instead of the other way around.  You know without being told that she like her ice cream with her nitetime meds (and it must be microwaved for 10 seconds so as not to be rock solid).  You recognize the face of his son and ask what room his father is in.  You hear the voice of her daughter and groan.  There are good and bad repeaters.  The ones that drive you crazy and the ones you fall in love with.  No matter which category, these patients are always special. They get a little special treatment.  A few more seconds of your time.  A little more leniency on meeting their demands. 

We had one of the specials in a little while ago.  She has been going downhill.  She did not look good this time.  Her main problem is COPD.  This to me is one of the worst ways to go.  To live day to day not being able to breathe is a scary thing.  I would rather deal with severe chronic pain than not being able to breathe.  During her most recent stay she had a very bad night and by morning was just miserable.  I was having a halfway decent night on the floor and although the call lights had been ringing all night I managed to get caught up pretty easy.  She asked me to sit and rub her back a little.  Just the gentle rubbing I did was all it took to help calm her.  (the anxiolytic and morphine didn't hurt but the back rub just helped to relax her enough for the drugs to start working.)  I was able to spend about 30 minutes just sitting with her and rubbing her back.  Not a full massage but just running my hand up and down her back while she struggled for breath.  I am so thankful that I was able to bring a small amout of peace to her.  For a little while she wasn't struggling alone anymore. 

This is one of the reasons I became a nurse.  To be there for people at their worst.  I was glad of the reminder, it was just what I needed.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the politics and the routine and the just plain gripin' and seem to forget the real reason we are there. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Like mother........

Like daughter.  My mother lives by the adage "if you are 15 min early you are in time. And if you are in time, you are late.

My Dr appt is at 900. Here I am in the parking lot at 830. I don't really like being early. I don't like being late either, but I think five or ten min ahead is sufficient. This thirty min thing is really too much.

But I guess there are worse things in life.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being in the middle

of a Ford sandwich when you drive a KIA Rio is NOT fun. I saw the Probe in front of me hit their brakes. I hit mine. Just as I thought "whew that was close" I felt someone hit me and I tapped the Probe. Again I was interrupted thinking "oh crap" by another tap from behind and I once again tapped the Probe. The Probe was not damaged at all. The trunk of my poor car is a little crunched and the truck will get a new front bumper. No one was injured and today (the day after) I am not even as sore as I thought I would be.

Everyone was civil and had a great attitude about it. Even the kids Mom was great (the truck was driven by an 18 year old high school kid). The worst part (besides the damage and tickets) was the crazy guy who happened to see it all. He was on the sidewalk waving his passport (yes his passport) around screaming at the kid about being on ectasy in a school zone. (It was a school zone but this kid did not look like the type to be on drugs, dude was just nuts.) The cop quickly dismissed him as he apparently has a history with the police dept and I don't think would have made a very credible witness anyway.

What continues to amaze me were the ones who just had to look. I understand this is human nature but we were ready to form a line and start doing the can-can just so there would be something to see. The thing that really gets me though is the people in convertibles that not only looked but also twisted around backwards in their seats to continue looking as they drove past. I was almost wishing that they would get in a wreck so I could laugh at them.

So two hours and two tickets later I was on my way. One ticket was for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident which irritated me since I had avoided the accident till the kid hit me pushing me into her. The other I got because I failed to have my ins card with me. It was at home. I called and had my policy number and all but I didn't have the actual card. So I can produce proof of ins for the court and it should get dropped.

I am just glad that everyone is ok.  All vehicles are driveable and it is just gonna be a hassle but not a major drama event. Heavenly Father was certainly there watching over us all.