Friday, November 6, 2009

Having so much fun...........

Yay, I love being in school. Really I do. Working EVERY weekend is such a joy and pleasure. Clinic days at 0700 (getting up at 0500 is my favorite thing to do even though I have worked night shift for seven years now). Being made to feel quite silly when questioned about tasks I have done a million times over. (I get the right answer but still feel pretty silly for a few minutes.) Trying to get inside my instructors head and figure out where she is going with the questions she asked (and not always getting it till long after). Knowing every answer she asks of someone else. (and keeping my mouth shut, unlike some) Putting up with others in my class that drive the rest of us completely crazy. Never having any free time to do what I want without knowing that I should be studying. Yep school is sooo fun. I will be soooo sad when it is over. It will come all too soon!!!

(and for those of you who haven't quite figured it out yet, the preceeding was ENTIRELY sarcasm. some venting is in the works but I don't quite feel comfortable posting it until the full episode is over)

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