Monday, July 27, 2009

random ramblings

(Sorry about the length but I really got to thinking on this one.)

Ok so I was catching up on my fav blogs when this post got me to thinking about my friends. I left a comment on her post but I wanted to expound a little more here.

I have had many friends over the course of my life. (and I know that I am not that old but a over a quarter of a century has passed since I graced the world with my presence.) I won't list them all for fear of forgetting one or two of the great ones but I would like to talk a little about some anyway.

In grade school I was really close to a couple of girls. We were like 3 peas in a pod. We went to birthday parties and had sleepovers and everything. However when I made choices in my life that were different than the ones that they were making we kinda drifted apart. I miss the good times we had and am grateful for facebook in that I can catch up on their lives. However I also am reminded of why I am grateful for the choices I did make.

In high school, I was really close to Jeni and Hannah. We were the three musketeers. For a long time I thought the friendship was Jeni and Hannah and I was tagging along a lot. I found it funny (and an interesting commentary on our friendship) when I discovered that Jeni had always felt that it was Hannah and I and she tagged along. She also enlightened me that sometimes Hannah felt that she was the tag along to us!! If you put us in a room today we will pick right up where we left off. No matter how much time or distance has been between us.

Now I have a friend that is so much like a sister to me that in fact I refer to her as such. I am aunt to her kids and she is another daughter to my mother. I would NOT have made it to this point in my life without her. The choices that I have made to put me where I am today would have not been the same without her as a sounding board. Love ya Kristie.

Also my parents are among this group as well. My father adopted me when I was a young child and was a stabilizing influence to show me what to look for in a father for my children. My mother taught me good values and always knew that I could do whatever I set out to do. We may not always see eye to eye and sometimes I am a typical daughter and make choices that she wouldn't have me make, but I do love her and will always value her opinion (even if I don't agree with it ;).

All through this life however there have been others to get me where I am. They all helped to shape me to who I am today. From teachers to church youth leaders to members of the church who watched over me growing up. And many other friends that have come and gone. I only hope that you know who you are and how much you really have shaped me into who I am.

As I stated on Amy's post:
As our lives change and rearrange, sometimes our friends do too. They were what we needed then (or maybe they needed us, or both we never know how God works) and as time has moved on and circumstances have changed our life paths seperate. This is not always bad or caused by a falling out. Life just happens, I have noticed however that we never lose those people in our hearts. The stamp that they left on our life will forever be remembered and will shine through. Years after we last spent time with that person we can still identify that little bit of ourselves that refers back to them. And when we see them again, our hearts will warm with the memory.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

She didn't know how right she was...

Ok here is another story from my many (hehe) years on the floor.

Our telemetries are monitored by ICU and if there is anything abnormal they call down to us immediately.  Usually it is a simple thing such as the battery needs to be replaced or the leads are off.  Sometimes they say they can't get a reading.  One night at about 0230 the nurse monitoring the tele screen called to say that the pt in the last room of a long hallway was asystole.  Not normally hearing those words we took off at a run.  I was the second nurse to the room.  As I rounded the door I heard the first nurse calmly telling the pt that she needed to check her leads. So I knew the pt was ok.  As I approached the end of the bed the pt (a bit startled from having been awoken from a deep sleep) said "Oh I am sorry, I was just dead to the world!"  This of course struck me funny as for about a minute we thought she was! So then we had to explain why I was doubled over in laughter at the foot of the bed.  She promptly stated "Oh I wouldn't do that to you girls!"

I will respond to a call with an outcome like that any night of the week.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Studying SUCKS. Wish there was a way to learn stuff without having to study it. Unrealistic I know but would still be nice.

Random vent

Monday, July 20, 2009

To my teacher.....

Please don't tell me how to go about getting my education.  I am passing your class.  If I choose not to take notes on your lecture, that is my decision and affects me.  Attendance is mandatory for your class I get that, you have to be there and so do I.  Participation is up to me.  Yes I am aware that just reading the book and maybe printing notes off the school's site (which by the way you choose not to post, not a problem just sayin) probably won't do it. I am fully aware that studies have shown that the mechanics of writing helps you to remember.  This is why I wrote down spelling words ten times in a row when I was younger.  I get it. However, you don't require that I turn in a notebook of the notes you provide in lecture.  So how can you get on to me (and the others in class as I am not the only one not writing down your lecture) for not writing down everything you do?

I am not disrupting class.  It is up to me what I choose to write.  I find your lecture style frustrating.  I have a hard time following you.  Trying to follow your lecture notes would just upset me.  I take my own notes on the chapter, make flashcards, do practice tests online (using a companion site to the textbook), and go over your old tests that you have placed in the library for us to use.  I choose to do this mainly at home. 

And I am passing your class without taking your notes.  If I were failing and you suggested that I listen to your lecture and take the notes you put on the board, I would probably agree that I should.  But when I am attending your class, and I am passing the class without taking your notes, and I am not disrupting your class then obviously I am doing ok.

Sorry for the long venting right on the heels of the last one but this really got to me.
Ok, so let me vent for a moment about shift report. When you give report please make sure your report is accurate. For example: Don't tell me that someone's potassium is fine when I ask you the level and it is most assuredly not. Please don't make this stuff up. If you don't know I can look it up. Just tell me you didn't write it down. I know better than to take report as law but when I ask the level and you say it is within normal values or slightly off I may not get around to checking it right away. If I know going in that it is really low I will put it a little higher on the priroity list and be on the lookout for a recheck or find out what we are doing about it sooner.

And for another thought, no matter what function you have make sure you get some sort of report. Nothing frustrates me more than taking over for someone (like several of our CNA's) more that halfway through the shift and they know basically NOTHING about their patients. I understand you want to hit the floor and get vitals done and breakfast out but please find out something first. It is very scary to me that you are taking care of sometimes 10 patients or more and you don't have a clue about why any of them are here. You may not need a detailed half hour briefing but at least know why they are a patient. And if they are a DNR or not. This really does make a HUGE difference.

Sorry for the soap box post but sometimes things REALLY bug me.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


it is just good to be home.  Not a bad night, nothing crazy going on (except the crazy patient but that is par for the course), no staff disputes, very calm, no admits. Now I can just go to bed and enjoy my next few days off. Yay me!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What if??......

I know that sometimes there is nothing you can do about a patient outcome. I know that what happens is determined by a higher power than you or I have. Then there are those times when you KNOW something could have gone better. Report could have been better, you could have asked more questions, you could have prioritzed your first round differently, you could have glanced at the tele monitor sooner, you could have clarified who was doing what with who first, housecharge could have answered the dang phone (found out later she was busy elsewhere but still was frustrated at the time), the PA system could have cooperated. So many things could have contributed to a smoother process. The important thing is that the patient went to ICU and was fine later that night. However, it is hard sometimes not to play the what if game. After the episode was over, and an hour or two had passed, I was very nauseated. The only reason for that being the stress from my first couple hours. I hate these nights, they usually just build and build until by the end of the shift you are ready for an entirely new career. Luckily this night was different. I only started with four pts. Then was transferred to a different unit (purely a result of the staffing grid we play with) and had a fairly decent night there. I know better than to play the what if game for too long but I pray that everything turned out ok despite the way it all went down.

This all leads to another thought that I will post on soon. Shift report!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh the names we receive....

a little old lady last night called me a fat a** (which okay I am) her roommate a lazy a**(not seeming to care about her freshly broken hip) my RN a stupid b**ch and my house charge a dirty bi**h (and the last two do not apply).  After a solid dose of Vitamin H and a pretty new jacket to wear, she settled down.  But before that we had seven people trying to keep her in her room.  Oh the joys of sundowners.  We had several chuckles (how can you not, it is either laugh or cry) but in the end we were all kinda saddened at how these patients have to live.  Oh frustrating it would be to be so sure of where you are and how old you are etc and everyone around you is telling you different.  Dementia pts are sometimes the hardest to take care of because we are so frustrated trying to get them to follow our "rules" (much less our reality).  And we never really know who that patient is.  A lot of times we never knew that they were a teacher and that is why she treats us all like children and tells us how out of line we are.  We just have to deal with the here and now. 
Last night was a long shift and I am ready for BED!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

If you are gonna be on the road...

learn how to DRIVE!!!!!!! Driving through a pretty heavy fog to school this am and hardly anyone had their lights on. I know the sun was out and shining but in a fog you need your lights on. Several years ago, I was turning into a driveway and almost got into an accident because there was a very heavy fog and some idiot didn't have his lights on. I may not follow all the rules of the road to a tee however, this just makes sense. I want other cars to see me so they won't hit me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Story time!!!!!

From time to time I will try to tell an amusing story or two. One of my favorite "downtime" activities is story time. This is where everyone gathers at the station or in the breakroom and one after another we tell those stories that have stuck in our minds over time. And when the veteren nurses are there it is even better. There have been nights when I have to explain to more that one patient why I had tears in my eyes as I ansered the call light. And after more than six years, I now have a few of my own stories to tell.
Here is one from a couple years ago that still makes me smile.

One night after a horrible code (many things went wrong that time). We had an elderly confused pt decide she was not going back to bed. She was leaving. I was working with two good friends that night Kathy and Brian. (Brian had floated from another floor.) Kathy and I were walking the confused lady up and down the hall. She was yelling and screaming and trying to walk into other rooms. We were closing doors and blocking doorways, at one such door we explained that she couldn't enter this room for there were two men in there trying to sleep. Her response without missing a beat was "Well, I like men!!" Finally, Brian was able to call the doc and we were again going up and down the hallway. This time after 1mg of ativan IV. Needless to say, we were one on each side of her and she was doing ok. After a while, as the ativan really started to work, she was high-stepping trying to fight the medication. As we got to her room once again she didn't want to go to bed and we gave haldol IM. She was still fighting us but the meds were really starting to overpower her. We had her near the bed and this time it was Brian who was holding her up. She was facing him and was trying to push me away. As she reached up to touch the sleeve of his shirt I realized what was happening. Brian didn't but motioned me to step back, so I decided to watch the show. Sure enough, as soon as I was behind her, she attempted to undress the nice man in front of her. The look on Brian's face was well worth it. At that point we put her in the bed and another dose of Haldol was given. From then on we had to take turns to sit with her. Constantly trying to keep her in bed. As one would get caught up on her stuff, we would switch. I ended up with the last watch. As one day nurse came in to give her med, she took it just fine (wouldn't for me 30 min earlier but oh well). As that nurse left she again tried to climb out of bed. She stated "I need to get my medicine." What medicine you ask (like I did)? "My pregnancy pill." She was 85 and well past child bearing age. As the other day shift nurse came to give her the next pill (just ordered by doc), she tried to fight her off. After the pill was finally given, she sighed loudly and stated "I just wanted to take a nap!" I was glad when that night was finally OVER!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Would it kill ya.......

to be nice to those taking care of ya? I understand that you are sick and not feeling well. I really do get it. Most of the time any unpleasantness just rolls off because I recognize that you are not at your best. But is there really a need to be HATEFUL to your nurse? Had a pt last night that was just rude because she could be. I know she was hurting and all but to just yell at me for no reason is uncalled for. This irks me. It irks me A LOT!!!!!! And I really do let it go most of the time but every so often someone will just rub me the wrong way.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


A little more about me. I have been an LPN for about 6 1/2 years. I work in a small town hospital that we affectionately call the Double H Ranch. I have worked night shift this whole time and love it. I never want to work any other shift. It is certainly time for me to return to school and finally get the coveted Real Nurse title. Someday I might even put my scholarship essay on here for you to read. We will have to see. My plan is for this blog to be kind of an all purpose in that anything I need to get off my chest will land here. From time to time I will tell patient stories and life events that are significant in my world.

Friday, July 10, 2009

here we go!!!!

Okay I am new to this world but I hope it will be fun and exciting. I am a Little Pretend Nurse (LPN) at the moment but will be starting school this fall to be a Real Nurse(RN). This blog may well be a release of the crazy that will certainly build. Between school working full time and just life in general!!! So join me on my journey, maybe we will have a fun time of it after all.