Friday, October 30, 2009

Everyone's a comedian these days...........

Ok, so my instructors can have a mean streak. First let me impart some news to you. My med/surg class is divided into sections. First we studied respiratory, now we are doing neuromuscular, next we will finish the semester with cardiovascular. The policy is that you can get between 70 and 77 on one of the three tests. The other two MUST be above 78. If you get below 77 on more than one you are out of the program till next year and must follow re-entry procedures. I received a 76 on the resp final. So I have to step it up on the other two to stay in this program. Now knowing this makes this conversation during lunch at clinic mean yet pretty funny.

Instr: Will you guys be ready for that neuro final in a week?
Me: Maybe you should ask us in two weeks.
Instr: Should I call you at home or will you be at the school?
Me: Not sure yet, you just may be calling me at home.

I laughed about this conversation all day. The timing was great. Of course just after the laugh came the panic. So the last part of my post today will be a plea for your prayers! Thank you! Now off to study!!

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  1. A sense of humor is important -- especially in nursing school. :-)

    Good luck on your test! Here's some unsolicited advice: forget everything you already know from work. The LPNs I went to school with always said that they messed up questions on tests because they were answering realistically based on experience, rather than the technically correct answer. Take your time, read the question slowly, and then eliminate the obviously wrong answers. Oh...and don't forget to breathe!