Sunday, October 11, 2009

It has to be done, so let's just do it.

Ok, I know that you just got here. I understand you may not be fully awake yet. I wouldn't be perky that time of the day either. I get that you want to get your day started. I feel the same way when I show up at night. And I am sure that your morning is busier, I honestly would never want to take your place. And I know that we have over half the pharmacy in our narc box. But really, how long does it take to count. Five minutes, (ok ten if someone forgot to sign something out). And that is on the outside. Most times 3 minutes and we are done. If you have an emergent issue that you are dealing with where someone is crashing I understand. But refusing just because you don't like to count? Come on. It is part of your job, I promise. It has to be done, it is important. And until we get a Pyxus (or similar) system we will continue to have to do it. End of story, so suck it up and spend 3-5 minutes in the med room with me and we will be done.


  1. I have worked where you work, and I know, it's like pulling teeth to get narc count done! What is the deal? They should implement some sort of reward program for them, like a potty training chart, gold stars if count is done before 7:30 am. Better start off slow, see if they can get on the ball and get it done before 8 am so those of us who actually got our work done before shift change can go home!

  2. I do want to say that there are some who will count without a problem. This is not a universal thing, however lately it seems to be occuring more and more.
    I was beginning to believe that they just did not want to be stuck for five minutes with me in the med room. However, I have been hearing of this occuring with others not just me.