Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leave it ALONE!!!!!

Had a patient the other night who had a wound on her arm. She was worried about it getting infected, so she took the dressing OFF!!!  This is a young woman who shows no sign of dementia.  She was just concerned about it so she opened the site to air and called me to come look at it a little later. 
Last week we had a gentleman with a wound that he was very proud of.  I am not sure of the story but I did get to see the area in close detail.  He showed it to anyone who had eyes to see it. Nurse and visitor alike.
I was working on another unit one evening and a patients family came to visit, with their three kids.  The yound girl was sitting on the patients bed and the toddler was crawling around on the floor.  And playing with the soiled linen bag holder.  ( There was an empty, clean bag hanging but still.)

I want to have pictures on the wall of all the bugs you can obtain in the hospital. Maybe then my patients will leave their dressings on.  I know that the confused ones will still take them off but it is the alert/young ones that get on my nerves.


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