Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends at work...

Ok I know I have had a rather long post on friends, and I said then that I wouldn't mention everyone for fear of leaving someone out.  However, I do want to mention one more general group of friends.

These are the work friends.  Sometimes these friends become friends in the real world too.  This sometimes happens at the first shift worked together and sometimes it happens gradually over time.  At the HH ranch we have seen many great (and some not so great) nurses come and go.  There are some that I hope to never see again, but there are a great many that I miss dearly.  I don't know where I  would be without my work buddies.  I float to many different depts within my hospital. And I float often.  So much in fact that I will have worked with some nurses seveeral times and they can not accurately state which department I was hired for.  As a result of this I have made friends on several different units.  I treasure these friends.  Often no matter what unit I am working, I will take a walk and travel around the hospital visiting all the various characters I am privileged to know. Again, I won't mention the specific people but I do love them all and it seems that I really do miss them when I don't see them!
Who woulda thunk it?

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