Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm in!!!

I was accetpted into a local nursing school this spring.  Then I find out that I have to take a PN predicter test.  I have to prove that I am smart enough to be an LPN!  Well, I was nervous for sure.  I have been an LPN for over six years, but I have had NO experience in OB or Peds or mental health.  Our facility doesn't offer these departments.  I obtained an NCLEX-PN study book and studied a little bit but it wasn't easy to do.  I was a little unsure going in to it, and after I still wasn't very comfortable.  But I thought, hey I have done all I can, if I don't get in now then it wasn't meant to be this year.
But I PASSED!!!!!!!  I felt very relieved when I found out.  It only follows that I would  pass but I was just unsettled about it.  But I am ok now.