Monday, July 20, 2009

To my teacher.....

Please don't tell me how to go about getting my education.  I am passing your class.  If I choose not to take notes on your lecture, that is my decision and affects me.  Attendance is mandatory for your class I get that, you have to be there and so do I.  Participation is up to me.  Yes I am aware that just reading the book and maybe printing notes off the school's site (which by the way you choose not to post, not a problem just sayin) probably won't do it. I am fully aware that studies have shown that the mechanics of writing helps you to remember.  This is why I wrote down spelling words ten times in a row when I was younger.  I get it. However, you don't require that I turn in a notebook of the notes you provide in lecture.  So how can you get on to me (and the others in class as I am not the only one not writing down your lecture) for not writing down everything you do?

I am not disrupting class.  It is up to me what I choose to write.  I find your lecture style frustrating.  I have a hard time following you.  Trying to follow your lecture notes would just upset me.  I take my own notes on the chapter, make flashcards, do practice tests online (using a companion site to the textbook), and go over your old tests that you have placed in the library for us to use.  I choose to do this mainly at home. 

And I am passing your class without taking your notes.  If I were failing and you suggested that I listen to your lecture and take the notes you put on the board, I would probably agree that I should.  But when I am attending your class, and I am passing the class without taking your notes, and I am not disrupting your class then obviously I am doing ok.

Sorry for the long venting right on the heels of the last one but this really got to me.

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  1. Nursing school is like joining the military. If they ask you to jump, you're only to respond, "HOW HIGH, SIR?" Frustrating beyond belief. It's especially frustrating to have to sit through a disjointed lecture. Good nurses don't always make good teachers.

    Hang in there! Sounds like you have great study techniques.