Thursday, July 23, 2009

She didn't know how right she was...

Ok here is another story from my many (hehe) years on the floor.

Our telemetries are monitored by ICU and if there is anything abnormal they call down to us immediately.  Usually it is a simple thing such as the battery needs to be replaced or the leads are off.  Sometimes they say they can't get a reading.  One night at about 0230 the nurse monitoring the tele screen called to say that the pt in the last room of a long hallway was asystole.  Not normally hearing those words we took off at a run.  I was the second nurse to the room.  As I rounded the door I heard the first nurse calmly telling the pt that she needed to check her leads. So I knew the pt was ok.  As I approached the end of the bed the pt (a bit startled from having been awoken from a deep sleep) said "Oh I am sorry, I was just dead to the world!"  This of course struck me funny as for about a minute we thought she was! So then we had to explain why I was doubled over in laughter at the foot of the bed.  She promptly stated "Oh I wouldn't do that to you girls!"

I will respond to a call with an outcome like that any night of the week.

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