Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Oh the names we receive....

a little old lady last night called me a fat a** (which okay I am) her roommate a lazy a**(not seeming to care about her freshly broken hip) my RN a stupid b**ch and my house charge a dirty bi**h (and the last two do not apply).  After a solid dose of Vitamin H and a pretty new jacket to wear, she settled down.  But before that we had seven people trying to keep her in her room.  Oh the joys of sundowners.  We had several chuckles (how can you not, it is either laugh or cry) but in the end we were all kinda saddened at how these patients have to live.  Oh frustrating it would be to be so sure of where you are and how old you are etc and everyone around you is telling you different.  Dementia pts are sometimes the hardest to take care of because we are so frustrated trying to get them to follow our "rules" (much less our reality).  And we never really know who that patient is.  A lot of times we never knew that they were a teacher and that is why she treats us all like children and tells us how out of line we are.  We just have to deal with the here and now. 
Last night was a long shift and I am ready for BED!!!

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  1. Yep - it's sad to watch the slow deterioration of dementia pts. They're the ones who never die (the GOMERS in "House of God" - great book...). My husband better never let me get that far.