Monday, July 13, 2009

Story time!!!!!

From time to time I will try to tell an amusing story or two. One of my favorite "downtime" activities is story time. This is where everyone gathers at the station or in the breakroom and one after another we tell those stories that have stuck in our minds over time. And when the veteren nurses are there it is even better. There have been nights when I have to explain to more that one patient why I had tears in my eyes as I ansered the call light. And after more than six years, I now have a few of my own stories to tell.
Here is one from a couple years ago that still makes me smile.

One night after a horrible code (many things went wrong that time). We had an elderly confused pt decide she was not going back to bed. She was leaving. I was working with two good friends that night Kathy and Brian. (Brian had floated from another floor.) Kathy and I were walking the confused lady up and down the hall. She was yelling and screaming and trying to walk into other rooms. We were closing doors and blocking doorways, at one such door we explained that she couldn't enter this room for there were two men in there trying to sleep. Her response without missing a beat was "Well, I like men!!" Finally, Brian was able to call the doc and we were again going up and down the hallway. This time after 1mg of ativan IV. Needless to say, we were one on each side of her and she was doing ok. After a while, as the ativan really started to work, she was high-stepping trying to fight the medication. As we got to her room once again she didn't want to go to bed and we gave haldol IM. She was still fighting us but the meds were really starting to overpower her. We had her near the bed and this time it was Brian who was holding her up. She was facing him and was trying to push me away. As she reached up to touch the sleeve of his shirt I realized what was happening. Brian didn't but motioned me to step back, so I decided to watch the show. Sure enough, as soon as I was behind her, she attempted to undress the nice man in front of her. The look on Brian's face was well worth it. At that point we put her in the bed and another dose of Haldol was given. From then on we had to take turns to sit with her. Constantly trying to keep her in bed. As one would get caught up on her stuff, we would switch. I ended up with the last watch. As one day nurse came in to give her med, she took it just fine (wouldn't for me 30 min earlier but oh well). As that nurse left she again tried to climb out of bed. She stated "I need to get my medicine." What medicine you ask (like I did)? "My pregnancy pill." She was 85 and well past child bearing age. As the other day shift nurse came to give her the next pill (just ordered by doc), she tried to fight her off. After the pill was finally given, she sighed loudly and stated "I just wanted to take a nap!" I was glad when that night was finally OVER!!!


  1. I think I would have burst out laughing at her last comment (if I wasn't too beat down from the shift). You gotta love dementia...

  2. I seem to remember repeating the comment back to her then throwing my hands up in the air. That had been a VERY long night for sure. I came home and SLEPT. All day!!