Friday, April 30, 2010

Note to self:

When watching a scary movie DO NOT leave the fan on in the bedroom and the door ajar. The air from the fan can push the door a little causing the hinges to squeak. Effectively scaring the Crap out of you almost as much as the movie itself.

Speaking of movies, I watched A Haughting in Connecticut last night. By myself. Not my preferred way to view a scary film but I did it anyway. It was allright. And I admit there were a few places where I viewed the scene through the fingers covering my eyes.

But I ask you, was the creepy music really required? I know when to be scared. I know without you banging on a piano that seeing some dead person in the mirror only is a cue for the adrenaline to start. I know without the otherwordly  screams (the ones not from the actor himself) that when the hero presses his face against a glass window and suddenly sees a demon that I should jump from the unexpectedness of it.

I made it through though and watched The Blind Side after to help me forget the creepy feeling. I certainly recommend this one.

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