Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being in the middle

of a Ford sandwich when you drive a KIA Rio is NOT fun. I saw the Probe in front of me hit their brakes. I hit mine. Just as I thought "whew that was close" I felt someone hit me and I tapped the Probe. Again I was interrupted thinking "oh crap" by another tap from behind and I once again tapped the Probe. The Probe was not damaged at all. The trunk of my poor car is a little crunched and the truck will get a new front bumper. No one was injured and today (the day after) I am not even as sore as I thought I would be.

Everyone was civil and had a great attitude about it. Even the kids Mom was great (the truck was driven by an 18 year old high school kid). The worst part (besides the damage and tickets) was the crazy guy who happened to see it all. He was on the sidewalk waving his passport (yes his passport) around screaming at the kid about being on ectasy in a school zone. (It was a school zone but this kid did not look like the type to be on drugs, dude was just nuts.) The cop quickly dismissed him as he apparently has a history with the police dept and I don't think would have made a very credible witness anyway.

What continues to amaze me were the ones who just had to look. I understand this is human nature but we were ready to form a line and start doing the can-can just so there would be something to see. The thing that really gets me though is the people in convertibles that not only looked but also twisted around backwards in their seats to continue looking as they drove past. I was almost wishing that they would get in a wreck so I could laugh at them.

So two hours and two tickets later I was on my way. One ticket was for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident which irritated me since I had avoided the accident till the kid hit me pushing me into her. The other I got because I failed to have my ins card with me. It was at home. I called and had my policy number and all but I didn't have the actual card. So I can produce proof of ins for the court and it should get dropped.

I am just glad that everyone is ok.  All vehicles are driveable and it is just gonna be a hassle but not a major drama event. Heavenly Father was certainly there watching over us all.

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