Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ok here's a new story for ya.......

Allright now that I have found a new blogging app that I like I am gonna try to do a post for ya.

So  one of my favorite patients lately was a confused little old lady that was a challenge to some.  She has a habit of becoming very confused at night.  By.morning she would usually revert to being a civilized lady who was slightly fuzzy around the edges.  all through the night however she was incapable of finding satisfaction with what we did for her.  My favorite phrase that she used often was  "You son-of-a-bit**ing ba****rds."  This was her favorite as well as she used it often.  You see for some reason getting cussed by the confused patients doesn't bother me.  It is the alert and oriented thirty year olds that I find bothersome when they are rude and nasty.  It is these patients that I want to remind just who it is that holds the keys to the narc cabinet.

Just a random thought for you all today.

Also, please excuse any typos for a while. I am posting from my phone so may not catch all the mistakes.

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