Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maybe a compliment?......

The other night at family dinner I over heard a discussion among my niece and nephew.  First let me explain that we were having some guests that night so the seating changed from normal.  With not enough room at the kitchen table, it was decreed that the kids would eat at the table and the adults would sit wherever in the living room.  As the children were filling plates I heard the 8 yr old boy and 10 yr old girl discussing where I would sit.  This because of a running joke that I am my mothers kid, so when we are all together I get lumped in that group often.  But these kids were serious.  After I assured them that I was an adult and would be sitting with the same, they were kinda upset that it would just be the two of them in the kitchen.  Till we explained that the 15 yr old would be with them.  (I should admit here that even though he more than 10 yrs younger he is several inches taller.) 

Of course, being the cool aunt that I am I split my time between the adults and the kids.  (which prolly had just as much to do with having a hard time with my overstuffed taco in the living room than embracing my "kid" label)

On a different note, that big change I spoke of last post is still in the works.  I won't know anything till at least Mon though at the very earliest.

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